04 mars 2023

Type d'emploi : Full-time/ part-time

Expérience : No minimum required

Location : Dixie Lee Beresford


Summary of position: 

The cashier plays a critical customer service role by providing customers with fast, friendly, accurate, and polite service. 

Job Tasks: 

o Greet customers and communicate with them to determine their orders

o Take customers’ orders and punch them into the computer

o Provide customers with information on daily specials and discount deals

o Take payments and tender change

o Relay customers’ orders to the kitchen and ensure that each order is expedited

o Assist counter staff in packing ready orders and handing them to customers

o Ensure that the counter area is kept clean and organized at all times

o Service customers’ requests and complaints and make sure that any serious complaint is brought to the notice of the restaurant manager

o Restock the workstation with supplies and ensure that any item not in stock is communicated to the manager

o Tally cash at the end of each shift and handle discrepancies according to company policies

o Create and maintain cash reports at the end of each day

To apply for this job, please send us an email including your contact information and resume by clicking on the link below "Apply for this Job"

Lundi - Dimanche

Heures d'ouverture


10h00 - 20h00


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